Energy Saving Tips

  • Closing damper in the fireplace when not in use
  • Checking windows and doors for drafts – electrical outlets, weather stripping and caulking can help lessen or stop drafts. Also close storm windows as well if you have them.
  • Keeping blinds and/or drapes open during the day to let sun warm the living area
  • Do not turn the thermostat down more than 8 degrees from where you normally keep it, as it takes more fuel to bring the house back to a comfortable temp.
  • Use lined drapes or curtains to stop drafts
  • During extreme cold it is recommended to keep house at a steady temp as the risk of pipes freezing is a possibility. Make sure exposed pipes or poorly insulated walls where pipes can freeze are warmer than usual. You may want to keep faucets dripping and cabinet doors under sinks open to allow heat to flow without obstruction.
  • Keep your heating system operating at peak efficiency. Getting a clean and tune annually can not only save you money, but it reduces breakdowns and extends the life of your equipment