Pricing and Plans

Cubby Oil & Energy offers Budget Plans that allow you to spread your anticipated winter heating costs over 10 months. We estimate your annual fuel cost based on your previous year’s gallons and our Price Cap cost per gallon for the upcoming heating season. The amount is divided into 10 equal monthly installments starting in August.

If for any reason your oil consumption changes significantly during the course of the budget billing cycle (Increase or decrease), the installment payment amount will be recalculated in order to reflect your consumption pattern. This will eliminate any large adjustments at the end of your budget, when all remaining balances are due.


In order to qualify for a budget plan, there are a few requirements:

  • All balances from the previous season must be paid in full by July 31st.
  • All payments are due upon receipt, and are past due on the 15th of each month.
  • When the final bill is sent at the end of the budget cycle, the actual account balance becomes due and payable at that time.
There are no fees for the budget plan, and you may revert to regular billing at any time.

Each year Cubby Oil & Energy offers a Capped Oil Price Program which customers can enroll in for a fee. The fee covers the insurance we buy to provide lower pricing if the market goes down. The capped price is determined by the market price at the time the plan is offered. When you join you will never pay more than the Capped Price, but if our Retail Price drops below the Capped Price, you pay the lower Retail Price.

This program gives you security for unexpected increases in the market, but still allows you to benefit if prices decrease.


The requirements to enroll are:

  • You must be and remain on automatic delivery for the duration of the program.
  • You must start with a zero balance.
  • You must pay and enroll in the program before the program starts.
  • Your account must be kept current. Accounts with a balance 45 days overdue are taken off the program and not returned until the balance is paid in full.
Important Note: Your account reverts to retail price on May 31st, and your account remains on Automatic Delivery.

Cubby Oil & Energy offers a Fixed Price Oil Plan for customers who wish to participate in this type of plan. When you enroll in the Fixed Oil Price Plan, you must agree to pay a specific price for your heating oil for the entire heating season – September through May. This price will NOT move higher or lower during the contract. There is NO FEE to join this plan, but customers commit to purchase all of their oil on an Automatic Basis for a specific price. Please note that there is risk associated with this plan. If our Retail Price drops below your “Fixed Price” you are still responsible to pay your higher Fixed Price. We contract with our wholesale suppliers to purchase your oil at a specific price and we cannot break that contract.


There are a few requirements to enroll:

  • You must purchase all of your oil on Automatic Delivery for the life of the Fixed Price contract.
  • You must start with a Zero Balance on your account.